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Southern Africa is one of the most picturesque areas to be seen in the world. From the iconic skylines of Johannesburg, through to the savannah and bushveld of the surrounding regions, up through the turbulent Zambezi River and the majestic and breath-taking Victoria Falls, across to the wild and untamed Chobe National Park and uniquely expansive Okavango Delta and finally the epic and placid dunes of Namibia leading gently to the bracing waters of the Atlantic Ocean, Southern Africa is home to a multitude of sceneries and biomes.

The natural and cultural heritage of this region is a gift to the people of this world. Environments and species that are unique and endemic to these areas, coupled with scenery that is the inspiration for postcards and wallpapers worldwide, only adds to the list of reasons to add Southern Africa to your bucket list.

At Southern Circle Tours and Safaris, we understand the wanderlust that leads people from nations such as America, England and Australia into the heart of Africa, and with our Southern Africa Tours, we cater to those travelling needs. The tours we have designed will scratch that travel itch and ensure you leave Southern Africa for your home nation enlightened, fulfilled and positively bursting with stories of your wild, wonderful and crazy experiences.


Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe and Chobe National Park in Botswana

This long tour (5 days and 4 nights) depart from OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg. You will land at Vic Falls Airport and a shuttle will be ready to take you to your hotel. Your first experience of this tour will be a 2-hour Sundowner Cruise on the Zambezi river. From the comfort of your cruise, and while you enjoy champagne and finger food, you will be able to look at the game as the sun sets in this African paradise. Some of the animals that you will more than likely see include:

  • Crocodiles,
  • Hippo,
  • Elephants,
  • Rhino, and
  • Many different bird species.

2018 marks the 150 millionth year of the existence of the Victoria Falls, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Guided rainforest tours, Zimbabwean Cultural experiences and tales from the local Sangoma constitute your activities for the second day.

A 100 km road trip through Botswana lands you in the Chobe National Park on the third day of your trip. A short hotel check-in followed by an open-air game drive or a boat safari returns you firmly to the ‘African Wilderness’ mindset. The Chobe National park is a haven for game drives, hides (a cover to watch the wild from) and bird watching; ensuring your nature-loving urges will be completely satisfied before returning to the Vic Falls to fly home. This Vic Falls Guided Tour is the perfect nature retreat to unwind and recharge.


Vic Falls Explorer

If game drives and hides are not your cup of tea, and you would rather stay out of the African Savannah, this three-day tour to Victoria Falls is likely to be more up your alley. The trip starts the same as the Vic Falls and the Chobe Park tour, however, is only 3 days long. On the third day, instead of going through to Botswana, you fly directly back to Johannesburg. Find out more about the Vic Falls Explorer Tour.


Sossusvlei Explorer

The Sossusvlei Explorer guided tour allows you to truly explore Namibia’s desert landscape. With a base in Windhoek, each day of this five-day tour promises something new and interesting. With tours in the oldest and driest desert in the world and guided trips up the tallest dunes, this tour offers the perfect desert getaway.


Namibia Explorer

The Namibia Explorer is a 9-day package for the intrepid adventurer that wants to fully immerse themselves in this beautiful country. Starting in Windhoek and working your way across this serene landscape, you will cross at and stop off at the following points of interest:

  • You will go through the dunes and stop in Swakopmund, next to the Atlantic Ocean,
  • See the prehistoric rock art in Twyfelfontein,
  • You will be able to explore the Organ Pipes, Burnt Mountain and Petrified Forest,
  • A visit to the Damara traditional village will get you acquainted with local culture before spending the night on the edge of the Damaraland,
  • Game drives in the Etosha National Park, famous for its wildlife, are sure to put a smile on your face, and last, but not least,
  • The Craft Markets in the capital city will allow you to find that special souvenir to bring home with you.

The Namibia Explorer Guided Tour is designed to incorporate more leisure time to explore and immerse yourself in the scenery and culture on your own timetable. If you are the type of person that prefers more relaxed trips as opposed to cramming in everything in a short time, this is the trip for you.


Vic Falls, Chobe and Okavango Delta

The 7-day tour is the ultimate African Experience. You name it: waterfalls, game drives, wetlands and cultural experiences, this tour has it all. It starts in the same manner as the “Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe and Chobe National Park in Botswana” tour, with a flight to the Victoria Falls from Johannesburg, a river cruise and then the Vic Falls experience. From there it continues to the Chobe National Park on the 3rd day, where you will spend two days doing game drives and enjoying the bush. On the 5th day, you will be airlifted to the heart of the Okavango Delta. 

The Okavango Delta is a wetland comprising of 16 000 square kilometres of streams, lakes and rivers all fed by the Okavango River. Boat safaris and walks are a way to navigate the river, or you could try your hand with a Mokoro: a traditional dugout canoe. Find out more about this African Experience.

Victoria Falls Frequently Asked Questions

  • This is a fairly common question as these sorts of trips are very weather dependant. Much like Australia, the climate at this latitude is wonderful. Africa’s hot summers are a great escape from the long, cold winters you are used to in America and England. In Zimbabwe and most of Southern Africa, summer and winter dominate the climate, with spring and autumn being almost only a token season, as such. So, you can expect the following from the climate:
  • Winter (May to Mid-August)

The winters are mild and dry. The average highs are between 25 and 27 0C. The average lows are between 7 and 10 0C. A very nice change from the northern hemisphere winter, indeed.

  • Summer (Mid-August to end of April)

The summers are typically very hot and wet. The rainy season is between November and April. The average high is between 32 to 34 0C, with the average low of between 15 and 19 0C.

For the best viewing of the falls and animals and the most comfort in terms of temperature, the ideal time to visit the falls is between June and mid-August. The rains have stopped, so the falls are visible and not overwhelming. Also, during this period, the temperatures will have dropped to the mid to high twenties, meaning you will not be suffering from heatstroke on your holiday.

Whilst the political unrest and turmoil of Zimbabwe often features on the global stage and is often heard about in the news, the Victoria Falls enjoys a peaceful existence outside that sphere of influence and continues to remain a perfectly safe tourist destination.

Zimbabwe has the lion’s share of the Victoria falls in terms of viewing experiences and opportunities. The Zimbabwe side of the falls has 80% of the view, whilst the Zambia side only enjoys one small section – the eastern cataract. In the dry season, the Zambian portion of the falls runs completely dry. It is highly recommended that for the full viewing experience one goes to the Zimbabwe side of the falls.

Unfortunately yes, the Victoria Falls is in a malaria area. It is, therefore, important that before coming to the Vic Falls for a holiday, to speak to your doctor about an appropriate prophylactic to avoid contracting the disease.

Yes, you can drink the water.

You will find that all of the local population drinks from the municipal water supply without issue. If you are prone to an upset stomach and would rather err on the side of caution, bottled water is readily available.

Going on a game drive in Africa is one of the most memorable and perspective widening experiences one can have. So, it is no surprise that many parents want to take their young children. However, most safari tours do not allow children younger than 6 years old on game drives as a safety precaution. Small children can likely be identified as easy prey for large predators.

The use of drones is heavily monitored by the Civil Aviation Authority of Botswana. Drones cannot be operated without a certificate issued by the Authority, and such a certificate needs to be applied for several days in advance. Also, note that the drones cannot be flown over game parks or tourist attractions in any way that will disturb the patrons or the wildlife.

Even with the technology of today, mapping this enormous natural swampland has proven rather difficult. However, Veronica Roote, in collaboration with Shell, has produced a fantastic local map. Ensure your GPS device is configured correctly, and you should not get lost.

Your wardrobe is definitely worth thinking about carefully – as it can have a direct impact on the experience of your holiday. Out in the African Bushveld, consider wearing light cotton clothes in neutral and natural tones such as browns and khakis. The cotton will help keep you cool in the sweltering African heat; the colours will allow you to blend into the natural background, ensuring you see a lot more of the wild animals on your game drives.

Be sure to pack some long sleeves and a light jacket, as in the bush the temperature dips sharply at night. In addition, the jacket will keep you dry in the event of a thunderstorm. Another plus point, keeping your arms and legs covered will reduce the number of pesky mosquito bites.

Southern Circle Tours and Safaris

The African Experience is one of the most memorable and awe-inspiring vacations anyone can have. Guided tours along natural wonders such as the Victoria Falls and the Okavango Delta will give you a new perspective and appreciation for this beautiful world in which we live. Southern Circle Tours and Safaris would love the opportunity to turn your African dream into an African reality.

At Southern Circle Tours and Safaris, all your needs are catered for. We specialise in providing the following:

  • Guided tours,
  • Self-drive packages,
  • Accommodation,
  • Hotel/airport transfers, and/or
  • The hire of a vehicle.

We will handle all the admin and will let you concentrate on having the time of your life. Find out more about us, or contact us with any questions you may have about your upcoming vacation.

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