In addition to the suggested comprehensive, day to day self-drive itineraries with some options and deviations, we supply you with the vital information to turn your trip into the great experience you will remember for a long time to come! We know you can get the info on most, if not all the topics mentioned hereunder by searching Google and other search engines, but our information is extensive and derived from years of operating tours and services in these areas. So you can imagine the intimate information and tips we built up over that time. We promise you enough self-drive holiday information to get you around all of South Africa without any of that small, or sometimes bigger, challenges you may get along the way.


We suggest departure points on each itinerary from all the major cities. For instance, if the itinerary you choose departs from Port Elizabeth, we supply available flight details with estimated times from your arrival city such as Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban to get you to Port Elizabeth to start your tour.


We supply the latest road conditions for the area you will be driving through. In addition, we recommend the type of vehicle to hire for your journey in that area.


We offer hotels, guesthouses, and other accommodation for you to choose from, which we know well and use regularly and are happy to vouch for them. Air BnB in South Africa is generally excellent and using them could be an amazing experience. We cannot officially suggest them as they are not regulated, and do not have the licenses, insurances, and other requirements in place, which we need to offer to you. It is not necessary to be regulated in  South Africa, but with Air BnB, you have no recourse should anything not be kosher, up to standard, or when something goes wrong. If you are happy to book Air BnB, knowing that, it could be a great experience.

We have website links to our suggested accommodation for your convenience.


This type of self-drive information is vital to you having a relaxed time. As we have years of experience on the roads and areas you will be exploring, we will suggest the best vehicle type for each area that you travel through. This will enhance your self-drive experience, making your journey easier to navigate and your time here with us more enjoyable.


These can play a vital roll in your tour experience.  Knowing the conditions beforehand helps you plan your holiday well.  We advise on weather conditions through your journey so that you arrive prepared.


You will notice, within an itinerary, interesting points in brackets after the route for that day.  These are activities that occur during certain times of the year.  They are incredibly special and recommended to be included/visited during the months indicated. So, when you travel to that area during those specific months, you have the opportunity to experience these amazing and rare experiences, such as the sardine run along the east coast or the turtle breeding season, etc.


We explain the safety challenges you may encounter along with the particular areas you will be travelling through.  This includes road safety, tips with the locals you may encounter, in and out of your vehicle, at scenic stops, etc.


We discuss the availability of healthcare units in your area as well as medicine, health requirements, and possible diseases you should look out for.


Often self- drivers decide to use a specialist on safari or just inside game reserves.   Rangers are specialists and good at spotting animals, which incidentally looks much easier than it really is. They also are well versed in animal behaviour with years of experience in the field.  They impart a wealth of knowledge, interesting facts about wildlife, habitat, and environment – knowledge you would only gain doing some real serious studying beforehand.


We discuss suggestions regarding matters around your holiday which include tips on seasonal activities in the areas you will be travelling through, etc.


We have built each itinerary with a ‘minimum’ and ‘maximum’ duration. We recommend you spend not less time than the suggested minimum duration on the route. The minimum recommended duration would allow you to include all the popular visits/activities/spots.    We would not recommend a shorter length of stay as it could turn your holiday into a race with time. This may add unnecessary stress to your holiday that should be relaxing and you may miss out on experiences. The maximum duration depicts the time we think you need to take an in-depth look at the area at a leisurely pace.  It will give you time to include more visits or to do changes to each day’s adventures, without having to rush things. Of course, you could stay longer if you wanted, to include more sightseeing or just to relax.

Also see the following pages on costs, advantages and disadvantages regarding self-drive holidays.


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