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We Specialize In Creating Wow Memories of Southern Africa
We Specialize In Creating Wow Memories of Southern Africa
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We Specialize In Creating Wow Memories of Southern Africa
+27 31 572 4227

Self-drive package questions and answers for South Africa

Self-Drive Questions and Answers

Here are some important questions and answers about our self-drive concept that you may find useful. Please contact us if you have questions not mentioned here.

Q:  I like more than one of your holiday options, do I have to buy each one?

A: No, once you have bought any package 2, you can contact us and request up to a total of three options for the price of one.


Q: When I buy a package 1, could I still ask any questions regarding the package?

A: Yes, you are free to e-mail us with questions. If you need extensive assistance on itinerary changes, I suggest you rather buy package 2.


Q: Why can I not just use Google for all the information I need?

A: You certainly can, and we suggest you do so anyway – especially as a GPS to assist you while travelling! However, apart from the Google info, we also supply intimate day to day itinerary information about the specific areas. We share invaluable data collected from years of operating tours through the area. It includes detailed travel logistics, timings, etc amongst a whole host of other info.  A small price to pay to remove any anxiety and stress while on your holiday, making your trip so much more pleasurable.


Q: If I buy a package now and only travel months later, will the info still be useful?

A: Certainly,  you can e-mail us at any time to check for any new critical updates.


Q: I buy packages 1 or 2 and later decide to book it through you, do I have to buy package 3?

A: No! We’ll automatically elevate you to package 3 with all its benefits.  The money spent initially also counts towards your total holiday price.


Q: Are these options the only ones you recommend for self-drive packages around South Africa?

A: No, these are the ten most popular trips we sell. There are endless varieties of them and different areas you could explore. Please contact us for more information on the area that interests you.


Q: If none of your options completely fit my holiday requirements, what do I do?

A: Kindly buy the package that is the closest to your requirements, then contact us with the details you want to be changed or added and we’ll modify a package to fit your requirements without any further charge.


Q: If none of your options even closely fit my specific requirements, can you still assist and the cost?

A: Yes, we most certainly can assist! Merely contact us with your requirements and we’ll design a package for you. We won’t charge you for the itinerary, but if you want the info that we supply around the itinerary, we’ll charge you according to the package option of your choice unless you book your holiday through us.


Q: Can I combine my self-drive package with some of your guided tours? I am more comfortable joining guided safaris and tours into rural areas!

A: Yes! Merely let us know which ones you are interested in and we’ll add them into your holiday package.

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