Our revolutionary new concept on self-drive holiday packages in South Africa will make life so much easier when you plan your next holiday; may it be self-drive, guided touring or even a combination of the two. For a small fee to cover our many hours of time, you get an intensive daily itinerary – complete with possible deviations, daily highlights, accommodation suggestions,  updated local road and weather conditions, safety, cultural information and much more! It could take you days or even weeks to gather this type of information online. And with our years’ experience, we also offer trustworthy and important localised tips which you may not find on the Internet!

You buy the package from us with all the info needed to design the itinerary in your own time. Or, for a small extra fee, you could have unlimited assistance from us for any subsequent questions you may have. Lastly, if you book your holiday through us, the initial amount you paid for the package goes towards the total of the price of your tour, so in the end, you pay nothing extra! Scroll down to see the geographical options.

Why self-drive?

It’s cheaper,  you travel at your own pace with the flexibility to customise and change your itinerary – even while en-route.  And with our new concept, we supply really useful packaged information so you can build your own holiday with confidence.  We offer important information, helpful tips, and provide services in a range of suggested popular modules to suit your requirements.  You also decide how much you want us to be involved in the planning and execution of your adventure. This is achieved by choosing one of our options hereunder.

Click here for the most popular questions-and-answers on the self-drive concept or contact us of your questions are not answered here.

How do I Proceed

To start with your self-drive holidays South Africa, we offer three options: With the first option we supply comprehensive information about the route you choose. This includes suggested itineraries with suggested deviations,  trip durations, daily highlights, accommodation options, daily distances, creative tips along your way, updated road conditions with distances, the suggested type of vehicle for the area, and some cultural advice along the way. You pay us a small amount for our time and knowledge and you are ready to build and shape your dream holiday. In turn, we promise the information is accurate to the best of our ability and kept up to date.

Choosing option 2 you pay a little more which includes all the above, and a few hours of assistance via e-mail to help you shape your itinerary to your personal requirements while still perfectly enjoyable logistically. We’ll still be available for any additional questions you may have on your trip!

The third option is for those who want unlimited assistance from us, even while on holiday with us in South Africa. The initial cost is higher than the previous two, but if you book your entire trip through us, this amount will form part of the final payment. This means all the information and work to book your holiday is completely free! Contact us if you have any questions on the self-drive packages hereunder:

Guided Tours and Services

Alternatively, you may rather want to opt for a sit-back-and-relax holiday using our fully guided tours! Perhaps only add a guided safari to your self-drive package, or a specific service to make your holiday even more memorable. To see our collection of guided tours and other services, click here or scroll down for some popular destinations.

Popular Self Drive Options  to Choose From

Click on the option below that closest resembles the areas you want to explore.  The suggested duration of the itinerary is in the first set of brackets.  The second set of brackets are the seasonal activities available in the area.

  1. Garden Route SD-1(6 – 12 Days)(Whale watching; June – November)
  2. Garden Route and Semi Desert Karoo SD-2(8 – 15 Days)(Whale watching; June – November)
  3. Wildlife along the Garden Route and Karoo SD-3(10 – 18 Days)(Whale watching; June – November)
  4.  Garden Route and Wild Coast SD-4(10 – 18 Days)(Great Sardine Run/Migration; May – June)(Whale Watching; June – November)
  5. Kruger National Park Safaris SD-5(6 – 10 Days)
  6. The Best of Wildlife and Scenery, Kruger Park, Panorama, eSwatini, East Coast, Zululand SD-6(10-18 Days)(Boat Based whale watching; June – November, Leatherback and Loggerhead Turtle Egg Laying; Nov – December, Turtle Hatching; January-March)
  7. Wildlife and scenery – Northern South Africa – SD-7
  8. The Mighty Drakensberg Mountain Range SD-8
  9. Drakensberg Mountains and Natal Battlefields SD-9 (Battle of Isandlwana re-enactment – January)
  10. East Coast, Wildlife and Zulu Culture SD-10 (3 – 12Days)(Boat Based whale watching; June – November, Leatherback and Loggerhead Turtle Egg Laying; Nov – December, Turtle Hatching; January-March)
  11. South Africa Caleidoscope! SD-11(18 – 49 Days)(All seasonal events can be included)
  12. Contact us with information about your option if not specified above

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Our Promise

If you feel you did not get enough information or the information is not helpful or relevant to the area you chose, just let us know with the reasons for your decision and we’ll refund you fully – no questions asked!

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