Sardine Run – the Greatest Shoal on Earth

The sardine run (also called Migration) is an annual phenomenon occurring from May to end July along the east coast of South Africa and in particular the Wild Coast and KwaZulu Natal coast as far as Durban and beyond.  The spectacular sight is also called the biggest shoal on earth and is sometimes compared with the great migration of wildebeest and zebras in East Africa! This year – 2020 – is said to be one of the biggest shoals in recent years. We operate a tour both ways form Durban and Cape Town where one is able to visit the beaches where these little fish are chased onto the sand by sharks, dolphins, whales, gannets and man alike! Dark spots in the sea close to the beaches – sometimes up to 15 kilometres long and around 3,5 kilometres wide – give away their presence!

To book our tours for a view of the sardine run, please click here for the tour departing from Durban and here for the one departing from Cape Town. To read more on the phenomenon, click here. We also tailor-make guided tours, self-drive packages or just accommodation along the coast from where you can launch your adventure. For the more adventurous there are scuba diving tours available. This is arguably one of the best close encounters to experience the sardines and all the fish that case them!

Sardine Run Tours

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