Sardine Run 2020


The Sardine Run 2020 is currently underway along the Wild Coast and KwaZulu Natal south coast. All indications are that it may go as far as Durban and beyond. The spectacle – also called the greatest shoal on earth and the great marine migration of the world – occurs annually along the east coast of South Africa during June and July but could start as early as mid-May.  Watch this video taken from a drone along the KwaZulu Natal coast south of Durban a few days ago. You will notice sharks feasting on the millions of sardines.

Many short films, video clips and documentaries exist on it.  Click here for a tiny piece on how Peter Lamberti made his film.

Currently, the only people lucky enough to experience the 2020 season of this amazing phenomenon are those of us living along this stretch of coastline.

But, do not despair! We could get you to personally experience it next year, 2021! Why not start right away with the design of your next holiday to this area? We offer scheduled guided tours through the area, special tours to get closer to the adventure and self-drive options if you want to do it yourself.  You could also contact us at with your specific request and we’ll design the itinerary to suit your needs.


Aerial footage from the World of Wings Flight School showing sardine activity on the KZN South Coast. Picture: Noel McDonogh / Wow Flight School


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