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We Specialize In Creating Wow Memories of Southern Africa
We Specialize In Creating Wow Memories of Southern Africa
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We Specialize In Creating Wow Memories of Southern Africa
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Luxurious Namibia Safari with Southern Circle


Etosha National Park Safari – 5 Days

The Etosha National Park is one of Namibia’s prime safari destinations in a real African environment. It displays a rugged beauty of an African desert with all its harshness and colours. Day 1. Johannesburg – Windhoek The tour departs from Johannesburg with a flight to Windhoek and a transfer to your hotel in the city. The rest of the afternoon is at leisure to enjoy your new environment. Avani Hotel & Casino, No meals included today Day 2. Windhoek – Etosha National Park We travel north to Namibia’s prime wildlife sanctuary, the Etosha National Park. Upon arrival, we check-in and spend the rest of the afternoon at leisure. Take in the environment and relax on the private veranda of your chalet and even take a swim in the sparkling pool. Lodge/Camp on the border of the Etosha National Park – Dinner   Day 3. Etosha National Park We devote today to open vehicle safari to search for the huge variety of wildlife in the Etosha National Park surrounding a salty desert known as the Etosha Pan. One finds 4 of the Big Five here;  elephant, lion, leopard and rhino. Etosha is Namibia’s first conservation area, proclaimed in 1907 by the then German Governor, von Lindequist. We focus game viewing around the waterholes. Some of them are spring-fed and some from a borehole. The waterholes are ideal places to sit and watch the wildlife as well as more than 340 bird species. You will find wildlife such as giraffe, blue wildebeest, plains and mountain zebra, leopard, hyena, lion and antelopes such as oryx, kudu, eland here, with some of the endangered species such as Black rhino, cheetah and the black-faced impala included. A  network of roads links the over 30 water holes allowing for an opportunity to do a real safari

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5 Day Sossusvlei Namibian Tour

3-Day Sossusvlei Namibian Explorer This guided tour starts in Windhoek with a morning tour of the city (we can arrange an early flight from Johannesburg if required). Afterwards we travel further along to southern Namibia and Sossusvlei. It is situated in the largest conservation area in Namibia, the Namib-Nakluft National Park, an area of almost 50,000 km2.  The tour includes many scenic areas and above all, Sossusvlei; renowned for its red,  star-shaped dunes  contrasting starkly against the floors of the pans. Day 1. WINDHOEK – NAMIB DESERT Depart  from your hotel – or the local airport – for a tour of the city including some interesting visits followed by a light lunch. Afterwards we depart from Windhoek and travel further via the scenic Spreetshoogte Pass and Solitaire into the Namib Desert the oldest and driest desert on earth. Late afternoon check into the hotel. Later in the afternoon we drive into the desert around the Gondwana Namib Park including a visit to the petrified dunes. Refreshments and snacks are included. Overnight at Namib Desert Lodge. Dinner included. Day 2. SOSSUSVLEI After an early rise, enter the Namib-Naukluft Park early morning and watch the first sun rays change the dunes into a picturesque lunar-like scene. Travel from the Tsauchab River Valley to the Sossusvlei surrounded by some of the highest sand dunes in the world. We experience Deadvlei on foot!  After a picnic lunch under Camelthorn trees, return to the lodge via the Sesriem Canyon and awe at the rock formations. Later this afternoon you can join optional  activities around this amazing area, even a night walk into the desert… Overnight at your lodge after a sumptuous dinner. Day 3. SOSSUSVLEI – WINDHOEK After breakfast we travel back to Windhoek via the Remshoogte Pass arriving mid-afternoon. We can drop you off

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Namib Desert

9 Day Namibia Tour from Johannesburg

9-Day Namibia Tour – from Johannesburg Namibia is an exceptionally diverse, but also arid land! On this 9 day Namibia tour we explore Windhoek – the Capital, the western seaboard, some of the most amazing sights in Namibia including the red dunes as well as it’s wildlife! The Sossusvlei 5-day tour can be added to this one. NOTE: From November 2023 the itinerary of this tour changes, please contact us for the new itinerary!  Day 1. Johannesburg – Windhoek, Namibia Mid-morning departure from Johannesburg to Windhoek. On arrival at the airpot you are met and transferred to your hotel. Overnight – CLASSIC AVANI Windhoek Hotel (B/B) or similar. Day 2. Windhoek – Swakopmund, Namibia After breakfast, depart and drive further to Swakopmund, nestling between desert dunes of Namibia and the Atlantic Ocean, arriving early afternoon. After some short walks on the beach, book into your hotel. Day 3. Swakopmund Today is at leisure in the town of Swakopmund to explore or take part in the many activities on offer. Overnight at the hotel. Day 4. Swakopmund – Damaraland Travelling north and explore the prehistoric rock art at Twyfelfontein. The area is strewn with boulders, all dotted with engravings and paintings, some dating back to over 6000 years. Features in the area include the Organ Pipes, considered to be over 130 million years old, Burnt Mountain and the Petrified Forest. Visit the Welwitschia Mirabilis, the oldest desert plant on earth and afterwards travel further to a Damara Traditional Village. After this cultural experience, proceed to our lodge situated on the edge of the Damaraland. Overnight at the lodge. Day 5. Damaraland – Etosha National Park After breakfast our tour takes us further towards the Etosha National Park, famous for its vast amounts of wildlife and landscape. On arrival at the camp,

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Sossusvlei dunes

Fish River Canyon, Kalahari & Namib Deserts 8-Days

Fish River Canyon, Kalahari & Namib Deserts The Fish River Canyon, Namib and Kalahari deserts all have their own surreal landscapes: The rippling vegetated dunes of the Kalahari Desert; the majestic Fish River Canyon – part of the succulent Nama Karoo; the huge dunes and valleys (vlei’s) of the Namib Desert.  This tour provides unequalled, often lunarlike terrains. NOTE: You can depart from Johannesburg by adding an addition that includes one-night accommodation in Windhoek before this tour departs, return airport transfers in Windhoek and return flights from Johannesburg. When booking your tour, merely add the extra called Johannesburg Departure to your booking.   DAY 1.  KALAHARI DESERT Leaving Windhoek, we commence on this exciting Fish River Canyon, Namib & Kalahari Desert and travel into the largest sand mass on Earth, the Kalahari Desert. The landscape is sand dunes held by thorn scrub and the most extensive continuous stretch of sand covering 9 countries. Lacking permanent surface water, the Kalahari is a challenging place to live except for those who have adapted to flourish here. The Bushmen refer to it as the “Soul of the World”, an emotive description for this area! With its deep red dunes and endless grass plains interspersed with acacia’s and shrubs, it is still home to a surprisingly large amount of specially adapted wildlife. Experience the red dunes, wildlife and plants in this desert environment on an optional nature drive.  Overnight at the Intu Afrika Collection    DAY 2.   FISH RIVER CANYON We continue south through arid rocky plains and visit the unique quiver tree forest. Here quirky human-made sculptures of scrap metal welcome you. They set a contrast to this serene, timeless space with Quiver trees and aloes growing amongst huge dolerite boulders, stacked mysteriously, the area is also aptly referred to as “Giant’s Playground”.

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Find the best Namibia tours and safaris packages at Southern Circle. Book your Namibia luxury safari with us if you want to tour through one of Africa’s top wildlife safari destinations. There are many holiday destinations in Namibia to which one of the Southern Circle tour guides will take you. There are several Namibia holiday packages from South Africa available on our list of tours. The Sossusvlei Explorer Namib travel packages take you on a 5-day all-inclusive safari.

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The other Namibia scheduled tour package options are 8 – 12 days in duration. Guests can choose to start the tour in Windhoek instead of Johannesburg.

See the Sun setting on Golden Sands with a Namibia Safari Tour

A place of rolling desert dunes, rugged ancient coastlines and arid, sparsely covered land, Namibia is one of the world’s most sacred and fascinating countries. Explorers from all over travel here to see the fantastic sights and to indulge in the serene solitude that this desert nation embodies.

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Namibia tours and safaris are generally best done as a guided tour, of which there are numerous types available.  Namibia holidays will reawaken your soul and invigorate your senses.
The country is home to all kinds of fascinating tribes and has become a place for people all over the world. A nation sparsely populated, when you embark on Namibia safari tours, there is a really good chance that you see very few people along the way. It is almost as though the country is empty and that sense of being utterly alone can do wonders for the mind. Travellers exploring Namibia can expect to see vast, beautiful landscapes and all kinds of both historical and natural attractions.


While neighbouring countries are home to tens of millions of people, Namibia is home to only 1.8 million inhabitants, many of which live in the cities while the rest live in small villages and hamlets, honouring the old ways of life. There are 11 different ethnic groups living here and although the official language is English, when visiting Namibia you can expect to hear all manner of different languages. German is commonly spoken as is various local Khoisan dialects. The immense heritage and all of the traditions are the marks of a proud nation of vibrant, friendly people.


Although so few people live here, or perhaps because of the low population, everyone you encounter generally has a warm smile and a friendly word for travellers. The peaceful people and the almost limitless open space make Namibia one of Africa’s safest countries to live in and to visit.
Visiting Namibia you can look forward to almost limitless sunshine. The endless blue skies go on for days and days, and where the ocean meets the sky, the blue vista is the stuff of daydreams. Namibia safari tours offer guests countless days in the sun.

Unique Namibia

In so many ways, Namibia is truly unique. It has the wildlife, the people and the landscapes which are representative of Africa, but at the same time, it is more than capable of being a country unlike any of its neighbours. The never-ending red sand dunes of the Kalahari dominate the eye to the south while further into the country, golden dunes are characteristic of the famous Namib Desert.

Animals in Namibia

Although deserts are harsh places, spotting wildlife here is not uncommon. From elephants who’ve adapted to the unique conditions in the desert, to black rhino, lions and numerous antelope of all kinds, guests can enjoy a true African safari while they are here. Along with watching the moving landscapes and becoming immersed in all of the vibrant colours, guests exploring Namibia will also learn all about the tribes. The Himba and the Herero people, along with the San, all live here and there are some parts of the country where guests can visit traditional villages and get a taste of the traditional way of life.

Must See Namibia Attractions

When reading the words “tourist destinations” your immediate thoughts might turn to overcrowded places with dozens of tourists vying for the ultimate photograph. But considering what we mentioned before about all that open space and the solitude it has to offer, you can be sure that you won’t be competing for sightings
It is the natural attractions that hold the allure and which hold every tourist in awe. And when you are on a Namibia tour or safari, there are countless natural attractions to keep you inspired.

  1. The Namib Desert

A natural world wonder and the oldest desert in the world, the Namib Desert is home to all sorts of fantastic things to see and places to discover. The desert stretches from the Orange River on the South African border in the South, to the Kunene River on the Angolan border to the north. This is a distance of 2000 km and some of the red sand dunes that make up the desert are as high as 305 meters.

  1. The Skeleton Coast

It is the stuff of legends, the stretch of coastline which has become so well known for the havoc it has wrecked on passing ships which got far too close to the treacherous coast only to be destroyed. This coast is a part of Northern Namibia and sometimes, the name has been used to describe the entire stretch of the Namib Desert coastline.

  1. Etosha National Park

If it is a safari experience you want, you will get it when visiting Etosha National Park. Situated in the northwest of Namibia, the park was proclaimed in 1907 and it is home to all sorts of interesting wildlife. It has been rated one of the best parks in all of Namibia and is predominantly home to mammals and birds. One attraction is that it is one of the best places to camp in Namibia. There is nothing quite like the light pollution-free Namibian skies! That sight alone makes a visit here well worth it.

  1. Kolmanskop

It is now a ghost town, but once Kolmanskop was a place of fortune where diamonds were mined. Today, the town is semi-buried in the sand and there is a truly haunting feel about the empty buildings, especially when the wind howls through the empty streets.

     5. Dead Vlei

Dried out, sometimes blackened, dead trees set upon a background of red sands and deep blue skies, have become the iconic picture representing Namibia. And it is this scene that is right out of the Dead Vlei. Some of the dead trees here are thought to be almost 900 years old and they make for every photographers dream.

Whether you visit Namibia during the busy season or off-season, you will have the perfect Namibia Safari tour. Book your affordable tour today and see this ancient desert nation.