Lion on Safari

Lion on Safari

Seeing a lion on safari is undoubtedly a highlight of any tour! Imagine the surprise when one of our groups drove round a corner and found a blood-covered warthog stumbling down an embankment towards the vehicle.  Still stunned at the extraordinary sight, a bigger surprise awaited as a young lioness appeared not far behind.  The lion also had blood on her, not only from her victim but because of a cheek injury sustained from the warthog’s tusks as she attacked him.

But the excitement really reached a peak when the hapless warthog summoned its last strength, got up, and desperately charged the lioness.  She got the fright of her life and retreated with a jump that could have come from a well-trained ballerina (typical cat).  Eventually, she got her prey, but she also discovered that a fully-grown male warthog is not such an easy breakfast.  Anyway, it was an experience that our guests would not lightly forget. Lion on safari, the ultimate sighting!

Lion on safari in the Kruger Park

On a drive in Kruger National Park, we stopped to watch a bird when a pride of lions with cubs suddenly walked on a pathway in the grass straight towards us. The interaction between the mothers and the cubs was amazing, and the cameras kept clicking. The playful cubs also provide some nice pictures.

On another safari we had a ‘strange’ sighting: Popular belief that male lions don’t hunt were shattered on a mid-morning drive in the Kruger  National Park.  A group of five pulled down a young buffalo in front of us, and immediately got stuck in with gusto. A male lion can devour close to 40 kg of meat in one session. They certainly planned to meet the target.

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