Dilip S - Kruger Safari - 4 Day Tour (SCJL)

Hi Nic and Beate,

We finished our 4 day trip yesterday and are happy to declare that it was one of the very best times we have ever had. A big "Thank you" for your team at Southern Circle and particularly to our new friend Jac Du Toit. His knowledge about South Africa flora, fauna, culture and history is thorough and we learnt a lot from him. Above all his straightforwardness and unique sense of humor helps.

We will have no hesitation in recommending Southern Circle Tours and Safaris and Jac to all our friends.

Thanking you once again and with Best regards.

Sashi M

We got back home on Friday from Murchison Falls in Uganda. It was a long trip. 


Thank you very much for organizing this once-in-a-lifetime trip for us. We enjoyed it all thoroughly. You have a beautiful country; the people are friendly; the food is fresh and delicious and the infrastructure works well. Uganda of course, is more raw.


We were remiss in  not filling out the questionnaire and mailing it to you form Joburg. My apologies.  I have attached the completed form in PDF. 

Testimonial from Lynette

Just wanted to say a big thank you to Jac our tour guide (from the group on the tour from 03/06/14 -07/06/14). Jac is an excellent tour guide that gave us an in depth history into South Africa. His knowledge and passion for the country's animals and plants real shines through. His passion for South Africa is invaluable. Thank you Jac for a wonderful memorable trip.

Kind Regards

Lynettte D

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