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Southern Circle Tours and Safaris is an inbound Tour Operator specialising in luxury tailor-made tours and daily excursions departing from Durban, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. Whether you are a seasoned traveler in Durban, KwaZulu Natal or a first time visitor to Durban and KwaZulu Natal, we can take you to places and areas that you have not been to before in the comfort of a luxury air-conditioned vehicle

Sit back, relax while we take care of all the planning, admin and security to make a memorable holiday experience possible for you and your family and/or friends

Protection for Tourists

A democratic society is basically one where every citizen has the right to vote in a secret ballot for the people who would govern the country. Once a democratic government has been elected, it also becomes the legislative authority of the country. Citizenship then implies a duty to uphold the law.

In South Africa the Constitution is the highest law of the land, and no law or government decree may supersede it. It is implemented by an independent, 11 member Constitutional Court.

Robben Island

For nearly 400 years, Robben Island - set in the Atlantic Ocean some 12 kilometres from Cape Town - was a place of banishment, exile, isolation and imprisonment. It was here that rulers sent those they regarded as political troublemakers, social outcasts and the unwanted of society.

During the apartheid years Robben Island became internationally known for its brutality. The duty of those who ran the Island and its prison was to isolate opponents of apartheid and to crush their morale. Some freedom fighters spent more than a quarter of a century in prison for their convictions.

Our Beaches

South Africa is blessed with the most amazing coastline of around 3000 kilometres. From the West Coast with its brilliant white beaches, dunes and blue seas, albeit a little cold at around 12 degrees Centigrade, to the East Coast beaches, many of them with Blue Flag status, where holiday makers play virtually all year round on endless golden beaches with the luke warm (21 - 26 degrees Centigrade) Indian Ocean invitingly rolling onto the sand.

Information about self-drive options

The self-drive concept has been in practice in Europe and USA for some time now. In South Africa it has also taken on momentum and its popularity is increasing. It is generally the concept of driving yourself in a hired vehicle along a suggested itinerary and pre-booked accommodation. This option is generally taken where budget is a consideration and/or where the tourists want the freedom of deciding for themselves on time spent at different areas and privacy when touring.

Self Drive Advantages


  • It is a cheaper way of travelling especially if you are a few sharing the hired car costs.
  • You have the freedom to spend additional time at a scenic spot that interest you.
  • You are able to design your holiday around your personal interests.
  • You are able to choose the type of accommodation you enjoy or to suit your budget.
  • You are spared the opinions, needs and whims of fellow travellers you have never met before on a coach

Self Drive Disadvantages

There are a lot of hidden costs involved sometimes forgotten about at the initial planning.

It may get frustrating not be able to identify a certain scenic spot, building, etc and missing others while concentrating on driving in an unfamiliar environment.

You do have to be well prepared to ensure that your holiday will be worth-it.

There are hazards involved such as getting lost in dangerous areas, not knowing that you are in such an area and not having input from a professional as to local customs, etc.

Planning your Self Drive Tour

  • Firstly, you should decide whether this is the option for you.
  • Secondly, familiarise yourself with the country and identify areas/places you want to visit. Acquire literature on the area.

Consider the time available for your holiday and your budget. At this point it may be advisable to make contact with a reputable operator either directly or through your local agency. Look at what they offer, peruse the itineraries of their scheduled tours.

Itinerary Design

Obtain an itinerary of a guided tour through the area you are planning to visit. See our pages describing the Full Itineraries of our tours. It is highly recommended to observe the general rule of thumb mentioned earlier when using a scheduled tour itinerary to design your self-drive package. The distance traveled is extremely important. If you are trying to travel too far per day your holiday can turn into a miserable experience. South Africa covers over an area of around 2,2 million square kilometres and distances on maps are easily misread when planning routes between stops.

Self-drive option and some additional costs

A 'self-drive' holiday is suggested for the more adventurous traveller. It is a cost effective way to see a country provided a certain amount of 'homework' is done prior to travel, unlike a guided tour where one has constant access to the guide's knowledge. We recommend that you obtain basic information on the local culture, customs, safety as well as a knowledge of the local currency, electricity, access to banking facilities, shopping hours, using the roads, etc before visiting such country or area.

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