Wild Life Wedding Tour Conclusion

Why wait, contact us right away for some great ideas or a no obligation quote. Bring your close friends and/or family with to experience this amazing journey with you. Or elope and do it alone. Remember, we  arrange from the honeymoon only to all aspects of the wedding, accommodation, tours and other services for you and your guests/family. Sit back and enjoy the most important time in your life while leaving  the preparations in our capable hands.

Your most Exotic and Exciting Wedding Tour

You are about to embark on the most exciting and exotic journey of your life!

Imagine exchanging your vows as a herd of elephant or pride of lions sip water from a nearby water hole. Or taking the ultimate plunge from the world’s highest commercial bungee jump? Or do it the African style via the blessing from an African chief as the sun sets on a picture-perfect mountaintop? From wild and wonderful to serene and intimate, South Africa has established itself as a wedding destination of choice for those seeking the unique experience

High Adventure Matrimony

Adrenaline junkies can take the plunge in a heart-stopping moment. On the Garden Route, the world’s highest commercial bungee jump is found at Bloukranz Bridge.In KwaZulu-Natal, you can meet your mate at the St Lucia Wetlands Park, horse-riding riding through the wilderness or canoeing on the lake.However, if popularity is a gauge, when it comes to adventure, there’s nothing to equal a true South African safari experience.

The Wildlife Honeymoon

After the wedding festivities, relax on the perfect honeymoon in the African bush or in one of our celebrated cities. Among tourists, a big game safari tops the list and the trip of your choice is easily and expertly arranged. From the Cape right up to the northern borders of our country, unspoiled conservation land awaits your discovery. If a leisurely drive is not on the menu, most of the reserves have landing strips for chartered aircraft. 

Wild Life Wedding Tours Music and Legal Issues

And the music…

Music is the heartbeat of Africa and no wedding on our shores is complete without an African drum roll! Local musicians, live performers and cultural dancers can transform your special occasion into a production. For the more conventional, there’s always a string quartet to play the Wedding March, a top-rate contemporary band to perform your favourite songs or a DJ to spin the discs.


Religion and Translators

South Africa is the rainbow nation, where every race, culture, creed and religion is valued and protected by our constitution. Whether you’re Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist or Atheist, this country respects your right to believe or otherwise and most local towns have wedding officials to preside over the nuptials. The only South African law that applies across the board is that the wedding register be signed under the roof of a venue that has a valid, registered address.


Translators can be arranged for most foreign language

Wedding Planning

From kosher to custom-made and quirky, hotels and lodges across the country cater for any type or size wedding, and in-house event coordinators are available to arrange just about anything for that unforgettable celebration. And who wouldn’t opt for someone else taking the angst out of it all, given the choice?

Romantic South Africa

Cape Town, famous for its magnificent World Heritage Site, Table Mountain, and its sun-soaked beaches, is the choice of hopeless romantics everywhere. Or declare your love on a deserted beach along the east coast with crashing waves providing the soundtrack; start your marriage on a high note among the clouds of the mountaintop; or sail into the sunset on a chartered luxury yacht as you wave your guests goodbye. Or why not do it high above the African bush in a hot air balloon! 

South Africa's Ideal Wedding Beaches

South Africa is also well known for its beautiful beaches. You’ll be spoiled for choice among the trendy hotspots of the Cape, the untamed wilderness of the Garden Route and the all-year round warmth of KwaZulu-Natal’s northern and southern coastline.  The southern coastline offers you  the  first world thing while the north coastline the wilderness, the Africa wildlife and miles of deserted sup-tropical beaches. 

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